Since the death of Patrick Swayze watching Dirty Dancing is a bittersweet experience. The makers of the recent Blu-ray release must have felt the same, as the main menu music is a nostalgic, slower version of the high-energy tracks the film is known for.

You will get what you pay for here as there is much to admire about this Keepsake edition, but the nostalgia is the high point and is beautifully heightened by the technology in the virtually reach out and touch backgrounds of Kellerman’s.  There were moments when I thought I could smell the early summer dew as Baby walks along the lawns to the dancer quarters and feel the condensation on the screen during the steamy dance scenes.

The extras are good too.  A highlight of the film is of course the music, so understanding how it was selected and having a chance to watch three videos is gratifying.  Along with some of the expected added features such as interviews with Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze is also a section for The Fans which will make anyone affected by this film more than merely want to buy it on video/DVD and now Blu-ray feel a little more normal. We didn’t get the full edition to review so can’t comment on the accompanying booklet but it’s sure to be a must for fans.

The release of the Dirty Dancing Blu-ray Keepsake edition is well worth a visit to your favourite DVD seller.  The film benefits from the transfer and seems reinvigorating and significantly more visually nuanced.  It will remind you why you loved the film in the first place and have you hunting for the soundtrack.

Blu-ray special features:

  • Keepsake book
  • Kellerman’s: Reliving the Locations of the Film
  • Patrick Swayze Tribute
  • Dirty Dancing: The Phenomenon
  • In Memoriam, Fan Reel
  • Patrick Swayze, The Rhythm of Dancing
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

If you want to win this Blu-ray Special Edition (and you know you want to) you’ve got another few days to enter our competition here. The Keepsake Edition of Dirty Dancing is out today.