Since Jon M. Chu decided not to direct Masters of the Universe for Sony Pictures, the hunt has been on for a new filmmaker to head up the adaptation of the classic 1980s animated TV series and remake of the live-action 1987 film.

According to The Wrap, there are currently three frontrunners for the job. Harald Zwart (The Karate Kid, Mortal Instruments: City of Bones), Mike Cahill (Another Earth, I Origins) and Chris McKay.

McKay doesn’t actually have any directing credits due to the fact that he has yet to helm a studio movie. However, having served as the editor (and animation supervisor/co-director) of the highly successful The LEGO Movie, he seemingly has just a good a chance as the other names listed here. They could all bring something extremely different to the table, and Sony will have to choose wisely, especially as they’re hoping to build a new franchise out of Masters of the Universe.

Variety meanwhile adds one more name to the list: Kick-Ass 2 helmer Jeff Wadlow. He’s supposed to be writing and directing X-Men spin-off X-Force for Fox, so that could be why he wasn’t mentioned in The Wrap’s initial report.

Previous reports that Joe Cornish, Rian Johnson, Andy Muschietti, along with directing duos Kirk Demicco and Chris Sanders and Phil Lord and Chris Miller are apparently inaccurate. The Lone Ranger’s Terry Rossio wrote the most recent draft of Masters of the Universe’s script, and a decision on a director is expect to be made by next month.