This is the sort of news that excites from, they have brought to us the news that Andrew Niccol is readying his next film and it’s a Sci-Fi movie that sounds both original and interesting which he has written and is also due to direct.

Andrew Niccol is the writer/director of Gattaca, S1m0ne and Lord of War and he also wrote the Truman Show and The Terminal and it’s the strength of Truman Show and Gattaca that get me excited for his next Sci-Fi filmed that is named ‘I’m Mortal’ which has a strange concept but will no doubt be a very exciting and well written movie.

The story is Set in an alternate, not to distant future where advances in technology has allowed for human’s aging gene to be shut off. Time has become the new currency to stave off overpopulation and the rich can essentially live forever while the rest of society has to negotiate for their “immortality. Our hero is a young man who comes across a fortune of “time” and is hunted down by cops known as time keepers.

New Regency is in negotiations to pick up I’m Mortal and Strike Entertainment (currently shooting the sequel to the Thing) is set to produce.

I love the sound of it, probably out next year as it’s due to start shooting this Summer.