Director Alexander Payne is planning on hitting the road again (a choice which served him extremely well in 2002’s About Schmidt) with Nebraska, the story of an aging alcoholic father who drives from Montana to the titular Midwestern state with his son in tow when he thinks he’s won a million dollar Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes prize.

There were rumbling a few months back that Payne was considering an adaptation of the Daniel Clowes graphic novel Wilson as his next cinematic endeavour. Maybe the fact that he hails from the state in which the characters travel to here (he was born in the city of Omaha) has something to do him choosing to do this.

The director has been away from cinema screens for a while now (his last feature was 2004’s much-loved, Oscar-winning character piece Sideways), although he is currently finishing work on the George Clooney-headlining comedy drama, The Descendants.

News via Indie Wire