class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-42666″ title=”John McTiernan – Predator” src=”” alt=”” width=”204″ height=”136″ />Fan of action auteur John McTiernan will be pleased to know the director is set to make his first film since 2003’s Basic.

Variety are reporting that he’s been tapped to direct a action thriller called Shrapnel, penned by upcoming scribe Evan Daugherty (who recently produced a new draft for Masters of the Universe) and it centres around a lethal game of cat and mouse between two war veterans.

McTiernan made a couple of low-key action pictures in the eighties called Die Hard and Predator (you may have heard of them) but his productivity in the last decade or so has been mixed to say the least (the worst being the universally panned remake of Rollerball in 2002).

He’s currently in the middle of a sticky court case (involving false statements he made to police involved in an illegal wire-tapping case) but if all goes well, expect production to begin very soon, as according to one of the producers Anthony Rhulen, the casting is expected to be announced “very soon”.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear news of this.