Next week sees the release of the latest instalment in the immensely successful Die Hard franchise: A Good Day to Die Hard. And the very fact that there is a Die Hard 5 this year naturally begs the question, Will there be a Die Hard 6?

And last night, on the BBC’s The One Show, Bruce Willis was the special guest and came in to talk about the film, and seemed to confirm that there will indeed be a Die Hard 6.

Alex Jones puts the question to him, and Willis simply replies:


And he does so looking pretty happy, almost as if it’s a foregone conclusion.

There’s no official confirmation from the studio, but if the franchise’s leading man says there’s going to be a sixth film, then there’s probably going to be a sixth film. Especially (and here’s where the spoiler alert comes) given the following.

*Potential Spoiler Alert*

Matt Baker, who’s also interviewing Willis and has seen the film, then goes on to suggest that the final shot of A Good Day to Die Hard sets up the possibility for Die Hard 6. And whilst he doesn’t go into detail, he does say,

“It is a lovely shot at the end as you’re walking with…”

And then he stops, cutting himself short. And whilst it’s speculation, it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine that Die Hard 6 could be a full family affair, with Jai Courtney back as Jack McClane and Mary Elizabeth Winstead back as Lucy McClane alongside Willis’ John McClane. And maybe even Bonnie Bedelia could make an appearance at the end of A Good Day to Die Hard as Willis’ ex-wife, Holly Gennero-McClane.

Time will tell. Let the speculation begin.

And on an entertaining side-note, Willis quite frankly discusses through the interview with Jones and Baker the fact that he still doesn’t quite get the reasoning behind the fifth film’s title, A Good Day to Die Hard.

A Good Day to Die Hard will be arriving in cinemas next Thursday, perfectly timed to give filmgoers an action blockbuster alternative over the Valentine’s weekend. And odds are pretty good that we’ll be back in two or three years’ time for Die Hard 6. I’m looking forward to seeing what title they give it.