There’s a notion in Hollywood that working with kids and animals could be challenging – but not for Dennis Quaid, who seemed to have a great time shooting family drama A Dog’s Purpose. Perhaps it’s the fact he carried bacon around in his pocket helped.

A Dog's PurposeWe had the pleasure of sitting down with the star, to discuss whether he’s ever had any horror stories from working with kids or animals, and just how he felt about the canine in this particular movie so frequently licking his face. We also asked if he’s kept in touch, and whether he’d like to be able to talk to dogs.

He went on to speak about his collaboration with director Lasse Hallstrom, and his sort-of-collaboration with Josh Gad, and speaks briefly about his next project, the science fiction production Kin, also starring James Franco and Jack Reynor.

Watch the full interview below…


A Dog’s Purpose is released on May 5th.