Dennis DuganIn an interview that we just conducted with Dennis Dugan (Director of Adam Sandler’s latest movie Grown Ups 2 and seven other movies), Dugan revealed that his next project is to develop the second sequel to the 2010 movie Valentine’s Day which then spawned a 2011 sequel ‘New Year’s Eve’.

In the content of the discussion, Dugan confirmed he would not be working on Adam Sandler’s next project but instead on Garry Marshall’s. He declined to specify but it is likely he will join as director. Here’s what he said:

“I’m gonna work with the team that did Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, Garry Marshall’s team. We’re gonna do Mother’s Day. So we’re just in the midst of re-writes on that and then casting and I think we’re gonna start shooting in August.”

It may seem a little odd that Warner Bros. would continue to the franchise of various calendar date movies but when you look at the $216m ($52m to make) and $142m ($56) that Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve made respectively, it makes financial sense.

More as we get it.