For those of you who have already seen Kenneth’s Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express, it will come as no surprise that 20th Century Fox are moving forward with plans to bring the impressively moustached Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot back in Death on the Nile.

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Whether Branagh will be returning to the director’s chair or to reprise his role has not been confirmed with no deal in place as yet. Blade Runner 2049 and Logan screenwriter, Michael Green will be back to write the script.

Death on the Nile

Although at the end of Murder on the Orient Express it was teased Poirot’s next destination would be Egypt, the actual death isn’t due to take place until he is in the country. Death on the Nile see’s Poirot embarking on a cruise down the River Nile when a wealthy heiress is murdered onboard. While ‘Orient’ involved one of Christie’s most outlandish solutions, ‘Nile’ sports one of her more clever and plausible murders.

Christie’s Death of The Nile was first published in 1937 and was preceded by a short story of the same name from the author. However, she had changed the detective to Parker Pyne, a detective who appears in her short stories anthology. The details of the short story’s plot are substantially different, though the settings and some of the characters are very similar.

Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile was originally adapted in 1978 with Peter Ustinov in the role of Poirot, this adaptation also sported an all-star cast of the time with names such as Bette Davis, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, David Niven and Maggie Smith starring. The film won the Best Costume Design award at the 51st Academy Awards.