The concept for the new film from Magnet Films is a simple one, a couple looking to fix their relationship problems holiday to a remote island to patch things up find a wounded solider on their doorstep one morning, claiming that a deadly virus is sweeping the mainland. The question will be, is he telling the truth, and what is he after if he is lying?

Sounds great, and he casting announced recently on Screen Daily ratchets up the anticipation for this one. Recently throwing off the trappings of the BBC’s immensely popular Doctor Who, David Tennant will play the wounded solider with the ambiguous agenda and Jason Isaacs and Thandie Newton will play the couple he ‘stumbles’ upon.

This is great news for fans of Tennant, as his success as Hamlet on the stage (and subsequent BBC adaptation) will have left fans hungry for more, and if the writer/director Carl Tibbetts can lay out a decent story then the talent attached to this one will make it a tense psychological thriller.

The article quotes Magnet Producer Gary Sinyor as saying:

It reminded me of Dead Calm when I first read [the script, co-written with Janice Hallett]. Only better. It’s got a similar sexual tension but the battle of wits between the characters and plot twists are constantly surprising.  We’re delighted to have secured three of the UK’s most powerful actors.

Think we’ll keep an eye on this one.