As a man involved in so many of the biggest movies released across the past two decades, including of the course the Harry Potter movies as well as Gravity, David Heyman is back in in Paddington mode, ahead of the film’s eagerly anticipated sequel – and we had the pleasure of sitting down with the esteemed producer to celebrate the film’s release.

We spoke about how wonderful Hugh Grant is in the film, and given the emotional gravitas to this picture, whether he is able to get caught up in it himself, and shed a little tear (I know we certainly did). We also discuss just how much we need a film of this nature right now, which celebrates the kindness and decency with humans, and we ask the million dollar question – does he, like the film’s titular protagonist, actually like marmalade?

Moving on to future endeavours, we ask Heyman about the potential in a third Paddington movie (fingers crossed), and on the approach taken to the forthcoming sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Finally, as the man producing the currently untitled Willy Wonka project, we had to ask if they were any closer to finding their leading man.

Watch the full interview below – and be warned, it contains plot spoilers…



Paddington undertakes a number of odd jobs to afford a unique pop-up book from an antique book shop – a present for Aunt Lucy on her 100th birthday. But when the book is stolen, it’s up to Paddington and the Browns to find the thief.

Paddington 2 is released on November 10th, and you can read our review here.