Although there are a few dud notes in his repertoire, David S Goyer has a genuinely impressive track record. He wrote the first two Blade films, co-scripted Batman Begins and co-wrote the story for The Dark Knight and the upcoming Rises. He also helped to create TV sci-fi series Threshold and Flash Forward and has scripted the Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

Accordingly, any new project of his should be accorded some measure of eager anticipation, including mooted new graphic novel adaptation, 100 Bullets. 100 Bullets is a DC property that spanned 1999 to 2009, about an Agent Graves, who sets out to bring down a nefarious multi-national organisation called The Trust. Apparently it is a sprawling crime saga and a well-loved graphic novel series.

Although Flash Forward hit the buffers pretty hard and never moved on to a second season, it was nonetheless a promising premise, as was that of Threshold and it clearly shows that Goyer can work as comfortably in an episodic format as on the big screen. Frankly, TV could really do with this dark, noirish story of crime and punishment, with Warner Bros TV apparently producing the show for it to screen on US channel Showtime. One would assume it will find its way to the UK in due course, perhaps on Sky’s newly christened Atlantic channel.

We’ll let you know as soon as any of these intriguing rumours coalesce into something solid.

Source: Deadline

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