David Duchovny, winner of two Golden Globes (The X-Files and Californication) and dozens more nominations of numerous awards, is going to be spending his off-season Californication down-time filming upcoming indie thriller, Phantom, Variety report.

The film, set in the midst of the Cold War, has been written and will be directed by Todd Robinson (Lonely Hearts), and will also star Ed Harris, William Fichtner, and Duchovny’s Californication co-star, Natasha McElhone, a fantastic cast for Robinson to work with for his indie film.

Andy Garcia was originally attached to the role, but Duchovny is now taking his place as,

“the leader of the Soviet special forces team aboard the submarine, whose mission is cloaked in mystery.”

Putting Duchovny, Harris, and Fichtner, three immense actors, in the same film together and undoubtedly in the confined space of a submarine for a large part of it should be so awesome. Production is set to take place through October in Long Beach, California, and with any luck – perhaps quite a bit of luck, given the film’s indie status – we’ll get to see Phantom here in the UK before 2012 is out.