South Park has remained one of the most respected, loved and controversial animated television shows for adults since it’s debut in 1997 and this year has not also marked it’s fourteenth season, but also the two hundredth episode special.

Even though it is great to see a great season finally being released on DVD, UK fans might be disappointed by two key things that they have taken out compared to the American version of the DVD: Episode 200 and 201 are not included with the other twelve great episodes and there is no blu-ray release currently available. This reduction of content and quality has made this DVD really disappointing as the two-part two hundredth episode special is one of the funniest episodes that I have personally seen and the blu-ray release of seasons twelve and thirteen make the show look better and more colorful then it has ever been seen. While I understand Disney may not have released Winnie the Pooh on blu-ray in the UK, Paramount has made this the most disappointing release for fans.

However, you can still view twelve hilarious episodes and at least people who buy this set are also treated to a couple of bonus features.

The twelve episodes on offer are brilliantly written and offer some of the funniest and entertaining episodes for the last few years. These twelve episodes are: Sexual Healing, The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs, Medicinal Friend Chicken, You Have 0 Friends, Cripples Summer, Poor and Stupid, It’s a Jersey Thing, Insheeption, Coon 2: Hindsight, Mysterion Rises, Coon vs. Coon and Friends and Creme Fraiche.

From the My Neighbor Totoro parody with Cartman (as the Coon) befriending Clhulhu to Stan getting forced to use Facebook that then acts as like the Tron universe, this season offers the mixture of great writing and ridiculously odd situations that the characters get themselves into that just proves that it can still stand on its own.

But despite the quality of each episode, it still hurts that they did not include the two-part episode that features all the celebrities that South Park has taken the mickey out of and the ginger kids wanting to get hold of Mohammed, who is always covered either by having a censored rectangle over him or having him inside a bear suit. These two episodes are a true celebration to the many characters and memorable moments that the show has offered and even though I understand that they may not included them for some reasons, they should have still be included even if they had to release a “too rude for TV” edition for an extra five pounds.

As for the bonus features, we are treated to the usual mini commentaries from the creative duo behind South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who still work very closely to the show. These are usually fun to listen to and learn more about how they came up with the ideas for each episode and they are no exception here, offering the same amount of fun production stories and learn more about the creative process.
Meanwhile, there are also some deleted scenes that you can watch that are nice additions as the DVD releases usually see just mini commentaries in terms of special features, but it’s nice to see the extra content being included.

For those who may not have seen the three-part episodes featuring Cartman as The Coon, there is the first episode to feature this “super hero” from season thirteen.

Overall, the episodes included are fun and we are treated to the same amount of bonus features that have always been included in each DVD and blu-ray set.

If you can look past the fact that there are only twelve episodes and no blu-ray released yet, you can easily have a fun time watching the entire set. But if you feel that the £15 price tag is a bit much for an incomplete season, then it might be worth purchasing at ten pounds.

As a fan and someone who absolutely loved the previous effort that went into releasing the previous two seasons on blu-ray, I will wait until they decide to release it either on blu-ray with the two missing episodes that deserved to be a part of it, no matter how controversial some people may have seen it.