Dark Game

We spoke to Ed Westwick to mark the release of his new thriller Dark Game. Speaking about the themes of the film, and his process getting into the role, we also discussed another new project of his entitled Deep Fear, which is available on Netflix. Naturally while we did speak about his recent and upcoming projects, we couldn’t help but look back and talk to the English actor about Gossip Girl and the continuing legacy of the show. While some actors can have an aversion to a popular role and the fandom comes with it, Westwick is very receptive to the ongoing support, as he talks about what it means to him on a personal level to be so wedded to a show that has such a loyal fan-base.

Watch the full interview with Ed Westwick here:


A determined detective is in a race against time to stop a twisted game show on the dark web, where captives are forced to compete for their lives.

Dark Game is out now