During an interview with the legendary Michael Caine event at the Royal Albert Hall this evening, the man himself confirmed that Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe is not only in the movie but will be playing his son.

In the interview, Caine gave the following info:

“There’s a sequel to Now You See Me and we’re shooting in London. I shoot in December, the whole of December in London, and my son is Harry Potter. I thought it’d be funny, me and Daniel Radcliffe as father and son.”

Now You See Me was originally released in 2013 becoming a surprise hit internationally. So much so that the Producers fast-tracked a second movie which is currently scheduled for release 2016. Many of the original cast are set to return including Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg but the news of Radcliffe joining the cast is somewhat of a surprise.

In the movie, we see a band of magical misfits join together to conduct bank heists while performing in front of huge audiences. The movie was an awful lot of fun and now with Radcliffe on board, it looks like that is very much set to continue.

Following this news, Caine gave some nice little snippets on upcoming projects Interstellar and his thoughts on the new Batman movie.

On Ben Affleck as Batman

I think he’ll do very well because it’s a different outlook and he’s a very good actor. I think it’ll be interesting. I’ll go see it.

On Interstellar

It’s something entirely different from what we’ve done with Inception and Batman. Take my word for it, it’ll be extraordinary.

So what do you think Radcliffe fans? Would he fit into the world of the magician? Comments below please!

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