Yesterday we promised you longer versions of our interviews from the Woman In Black red carpet. Never say we don’t deliver. First up, we’ve got a full version of our interviews with Daniel Radcliffe and Ciaran Hinds.

In this interview, Radcliffe talks about the reaction of the die-hard Harry Potter fans (who spent most of the night screaming for his attention) to The Woman In Black. As he puts it, “They stuck with me through Equus”. He also gives a few details about the plot of his next project, Kill Your Darlings.

Hinds spoke about the attraction of Goldman’s script, and his casting in the film, as well as being in two films, back-to-back with Daniel Radcliffe. We also discussed Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and how he felt when he watched the film. And as a special treat, you all get to see the moment where I made a slightly embarrassing error, and assumed Tinker Tailor had been nominated for Best Feature for the Oscars.

Check back later today for more of our full length interviews from the Woman In Black premiere.