Damon-LindelofLast night, at the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, we spoke to writer/producer Damon Lindelof. It was, by the standards of press line interviews, pretty in depth, but it started out with the question:

Without getting into anything too specific, at what point in the development process did the ideas that made this film come about.

And the response:

“Very early on, I think the fundamental ‘this is what the plot is going to be’, ‘this is who the bad guy is’, ‘this is what they’re up against’, that came very, very early. Even while we were working on the first movie, I think we had plans for the second one.“

With that in mind, we followed up:

So presumably, based on that logic, you guys have some plans for the third one then.

“I think that is a reasonable conclusion. You should always know where you’ve been, you should always know where you are, but most importantly, and I learned this from Lost, you should know where you’re going.”

And a little more prodding led to:

“You can never see enough Klingons, and I think in this film we’ve given the audience a little taste, but there’s also a promise that there’s a larger conflict on the horizon, and that would be fun to see.”

So that’s the basis for the next film then?

“Draw your own conclusions my friend. I confirm nothing and deny all.”

On something of a roll, we kept pushing:

Star Trek Into Darkness - UK Film PremiereWill we see Benedict Cumberbatch return in future films?

“To answer that question would be to determine whether or not he actually survives this movie, but if he survives this movie, I think that we would be incredibly stupid to not use him again.”

When I was speaking to Bob [Orci] and Alex [Kurtzman] earlier, they did mention they’d like to bring The Borg and Q into this universe. Have they mentioned that to you?

“You can’t talk about Trek and not talk about the Borg, and certainly about Q. Very iconic adversaries from The Next Generation which is, outside of the original cast films, was my entry way into Star Trek, so I wouldn’t mind getting – towards the end of our run on Star Trek, maybe baby Picard could be born. There has to be some sort of crossover we’re not thinking of.”

And finally, a little note on spoliers:

At what stage do you think it will be appropriate for people to openly discuss this film and all the twists and turns?

“I would want to wait about two weeks, and let everybody who really wants to see the movie, see the movie, before I personally started assuming everyone had seen it. But I think the people who are seeing it are all excited about keeping the secret, now we’re all throwing the surprise party together.”


Star Trek Into Darkness is released in UK cinemas May 9th. You can see all our coverage including our review and many more interviews right here.

  • sean meaney

    Of course it needs to be the Borg. You cat create a man-made lack hole without getting their attention.
    And Tribble are an Asymmetrically Aggressive Predatory Omnivore whose spies (not fur) affect the olfactory glad of Klingons.

  • Dandru

    Khan? Again? No. Lindelof has apparently learned nothing from the fan thrashing he received this time. PLEASE get a new writer.

  • Dandru

    Preferably someone who understands what Star Trek is about, and who isn’t a godawful writer with a terrible track record.

  • A W

    Alright then. Since the actors have gotten their characters down, I think it’s time to have fun on the 3rd movie.
    Mirror Mirror anyone? 🙂

  • chris

    we know it will be the klingons just like star trek 3, but instead of the klingons killing kirks son, they’ll kill spock and uhura kid!



  • Skiznot

    If Lindelof is writing, I’m not watching. He’s just bad.

  • Brenbaroque

    “… and I learned this from Lost, you should know where you’re going.” Those of us who are fans of Trek have been served our get Lost notice.

  • Sassy3000

    This psychopath needs to be STOPPED! No more of these STAR TREK FOR SIMPLETONS! They are a sick joke! Star Trek is suppose to be about so much more then this retarded dreck that drooling half-wits like Damon Lindelof seem to think!

    His and Abrams take is putrid! Shame on every so-called wanna-be Star Trek fan who goes to see these monstrosities! Poor Gene Roddenberry is turning over repeatedly in his grave.

    Yes, he did say he wanted a reboot! BUT he really didn’t mean reboot! You see, I HAVE that interview and he CALLS Star Trek the Next Generation a Reboot! So HE DID NOT MEAN REBOOT HE MEANT SPIN-OFF! So he WOULD HAVE NEVER APPROVED of these sick psychotic embarrassments!
    in fact I call these putrid movies Star Dreck and their moronic drooling fans Dreckies! That includes those Traitors who used to be Trekkies but have decided that even crappy star trek is better then no star trek at all. RME
    What a bunch of no life losers!

    And these bold faced lies these psychopaths tell! NO ONE WAS SICK OF STNG MOVIES! OR ANY STAR TREK (BASED ON RODDENBERRY’S VISION)!!!! What these babbling fools FAIL to grasp is that unlike the no life losers who have turned Traitor MOST REAL TREKKIES do indeed have a life and what’s more! We Have Standards! And 3 out of the 4 STNG movies were crap! That’s WHY the audience attendance was down! If those morons at Paramount ever bother pulling their heads out of their rear-end for a nano-second they could have possibly figured this out!

    We REAL TREKKIES DO INDEED WANT ORIGINAL STAR TREK MOVIES but we want them to be good! Something that 3 of them weren’t! Sad that this seems to be light-years too advanced for those simpletons to comprehend!

    but hey! anytime they want a somewhat self-contained 4 part movie that kicks the butt out of anything J.J Abrams has pulled out of his rear-end to date then they can contact me via my email!

    I would of course have one of my Fathers Lawyer friends represent my interest! along with an Entertainment Lawyer!

    But alas, they are too stupid and scared to do a Real Star Trek movie based on Roddenberry’s vision! One that is entertaining, a little romance, comedy, and a mystery!

    OH and of course since I want it to be as intelligent as possible, IT WILL COMPLETELY IGNORE ALL OF ABRAMS BULLCRAP!

    And I bet it would over time end up making MORE MONEY then all of Abrams laughable crap combined! What’s more there would be elements that could easily be made into a TV Series! And since CBS WISELY REFUSED to do any horsesh*t tv series based on Abrams Butt-droppings they would be wise to pay attention! but they won’t! They enjoy these dumbed down movies that cater to morons. That’s because they honestly believe that most members of the General Public are stupid.

    And sadly, the ones who have turned out for this trailer trash garbage, are proving them right!