This was a hard one to review as I’d never seen CSI: Miami before but being a CSI (Las Vegas) fan, I thought I’d give it a try!

CSI: Miami Season 7 is now available on DVD and includes in its cast: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Khandi Alexander, Megalyn Echikunwoke, ex Linn, Sofia Milos.

Here’s the short synopsis: Fast-paced crime drama that follows the investigations of a cutting-edge forensics team based in the tropical climes of southern Florida. A spin-off of the hugely popular television series C.S.I. – CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, C.S.I. MIAMI places more emphasis on police work than science–sharing its parent show’s penchant for grisly crime re-enactments–and boasts a flashier cinematographic style that befits its sun-kissed locale. Presented here is the show’s seventh series in its entirety.

The opening of CSI: Miami is very similar to the series that I reviewed very recently for the original CSI (Season 9) as it sees one of the main cast getting shot. The difference in this series is that there is a major twist which I don’t want to mention as it will spoil the opening for you. Since I’ve not seen any of the previous seasons of the Miami wing of the Jerry Bruckheimer TV series, I feel like I am rather unequipped to give this a fully thorough review as I have nothing other than the original series with which to base it on. Therefore I would suggest that ‘Miami’ is nowhere near as good as ‘Las Vegas’ and I’m not sure adds anything to the CSI franchise.

Where Las Vegas uses technology to vaguely believable levels, Miami simply pushes too far beyond the technology  that exists in the ‘real world’ to solve crimes that reality actually relies on. Having CSI agents interview suspects has always grated and how is it that the graphics they use in the programme supersede even the most complex of computer games is simply beyond me. But then is this what a TV series like CSI is supposed to bring? I suspect it is.

I think all the CSI series need some sort of break from reality to fully enjoy and if you get too involved in the hows and whys then you’d turn it off 5 minutes into each episode. That said, if you take the series with a pinch of salt and agree to accept some rather far fetched explanations into how crimes are solved, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy CSI: Miami Season 7.

The Series is available to buy NOW!