From faked moon landings to collected universes, film theories have always been one of the more enjoyable elements about being a film fan. Over the years fans have created some weird and wonderful theories, some of which actually make some sense, the majority of which however are just outright silliness.

We have decided to take a look back at some of the more outrageous and popular film theories on the web,

Warning: This Article contains Spoilers

 Jack never existed – Titanic

titanic rose and jack
There are many film theories about Titanic but one of the most popular is that Jack does not exist and that he is in fact a figment of Rose’s imagination. Theorists have suggested that Rose creates Jack to help her overcome her abusive fiancé, believing that in creating the perfect man, and the perfect romance that she will find the strength within to leave her abusive past behind her.

Unlike a lot of film theories this one is slightly possible – there is no record of Jack on the boat and Rose states at the end of the film that Jack only ‘exists in her memories’. Saying that the film certainly loses a degree of its magic when you look at Rose as a depressed woman and Jack as an hallucination.


James Bond is just a code name, and was originally a female

Fifty Years of James Bond

A list of film theories wouldn’t be complete with this old chestnut. For years fans of James Bond have suggested that James Bond isn’t a real person, rather it is a code name passed down from MI6 agent to MI6 agent.

This theory serves a practical use, explaining why Bond has changed his physical appearances over the years whenever actors have passed the role on.

Whilst this is a perfectly plausible theory one that is a bit more crazy is the idea that Judi Dench’s M was in fact the original Bond before passing the role onto Daniel Craig’s Bond. Theorists suggest this is why she passes the mantel on to him at the end of Casino Royale, hence why he utters his iconic line in the final scene and never before.


Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid are all linked


Disney and Pixar have long been a hot spot for film theorists and one of the more recent ones links last years smash hit Frozen with two of Disney’s previous animated classics, Tangled and The Little Mermaid.

The more observant of you will have noticed that Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled make a quick cameo at Elsa’s coronation. Well, the coronation takes place three years after the parents death, which could imply that the parents had died on the way to or from Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding, with Tangled being released exactly three years before Frozen.

The theory doesn’t stop there however – there is also a belief that the ship wreck Ariel is exploring at the start of the Little Mermaid is in fact the watery grave of Arendelle’s King and Queen.

This theory is reasonably logical, aside from the fact that the Little Mermaid was released 26 years before Frozen and despite Disney’s genius this more forethought seems a bit outrageous.

E.T. is a prequel to War of the Worlds


This theory suggests that ET, the lovable title character from one of Speilberg’s most loved movies is actually not quite as nice as we think he is. No in fact ET was sent down to earth to check just how good we would be for an invasion and the 23 year gap between the movies being released is just because it takes him so long to actually get home.

This theory really is a bit daft and has never really caught on but it certainly adds a darker edge to one of our most beloved film characters and adds a degree of poignancy to the movies ending, with the idea that Elliot is just betrayed by his friend and the world is attacked because of his heroics.


Interstellar is a prequel to Wall-E

interstellar quad correct

Christopher Nolan’s latest movie Interstellar has had some film theorists foaming at the mouths and one theory that has been brought into the lime light in the last few weeks is that the film is in fact a prequel to the Pixar movie Wall-E.

Nolan’s movie ends with man kind leaving the planet as it continues to destroy itself, the human race then sets up home on a space station near Saturn. Wall-E begins with an uninhabited planet being cleaned up by the titular character whilst man kind continues to destroy itself on a space station. The link is pretty obvious but it’s certainly one hell of a leap to make.


Grease is Sandy’s fantasy, just before she dies.


In the song Summer Nights we here the line ‘I saved her life, she nearly drowned’- this, combined with the films final shot, Danny and Sandy flying away from the fair in a car has some theorists suggesting that the whole of the film is actually just an elaborate fantasy taking place in Sandy’s head as her brain loses oxygen whilst she drowns.

The theory suggests that the films flamboyant tone and the musical numbers are all just a part of her imagination and that Danny is just the perfect man she has dreamed up to save her before she ultimately dies. The theory, as crazy as it sounds actually has a little more weight than some of the others on this list but it’s a bit morbid for such an upbeat movie isn’t it.


Stanley Kubrick and The Moon Landings.


Stanley Kubrick is one of the most debated directors of all time and fans have come up with countless wild theories about his films. From suggesting the director was a closeted homosexual to suggestions that he was part of various evil cults Kubrick has long been a favourite for theorists all around the world.

The most popular of theories is that Kubrick, along with NASA faked the moon landings and then pretty much rubbed it in our face with The Shining and 2001.

It has been suggested that 2001 was a test run for Kubrick, with the movie being released in 1968, a year before the moon landings took place. Whilst in The Shining we see various hints that Kubrick staged the event, with Danny wearing a jumper with the space ship on in various scenes, hinting at Kubrick’s relationship to the event.

For those interested in exploring theories surrounding The Shining further, check out the documentary Room 237.

Ferris Bueller isn’t real

Ferris Bueller

That’s right, there are some people who believe that Ferris Bueller, the title character in John Hughes’ iconic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off doesn’t really exist, believing instead that he is merely a figment of his long suffering friend Cameron’s imagination.

The theory, which clearly stems for Fight Club’s famous twist suggests that like Tyler Durden Ferris is everything that Cameron wishes to be and chooses to reclaim his masculinity through his charismatic alter ego Ferris Bueller.

As film theories go this one is perhaps one of the least plausible; there is very little in the movie to suggest that Ferris doesn’t exist, as a matter of fact quite the opposite, seeing as the whole city of Chicago witnessing him sing Twist and Shout on national news.

The Pulp Fiction Briefcase

pulp fiction jules and vincent

The Pulp Fiction briefcase is perhaps the whole grail for film theorists, who have over the years developed various crazy ideas as to what it may contain.

One of the more plausible theories is that it contains the stolen diamonds Mr Pink manages to escape with at the end of Reservoir Dogs. This one is possible for a number of reasons; the glow that emanates from the case whenever it opens would suggest it contains some sort of precious material whilst there are also some people who believe that like the Marvel Cinematic Universe Tarantino’s movies all take place in the same universe, which would mean that the diamonds could well be sought after by Marcellus Wallace.

Talking of Wallace perhaps the craziest theory to emerge from the movie is that the case contains his soul, hence why he is so desperate to reclaim it. This one is a bit stupid really, Tarantino films never branch into the supernatural and that aside, it just doesn’t make much sense really does it?


Willy Wonka is a raging serial killer


That’s right you read that correctly. There are some theories on the internet that suggest that Willy Wonka, the eccentric recluse in charge of the world’s greatest chocolate factory is in fact a homicidal maniac who has been murdering children for years, hoping one day to find his successor.

The theory is backed up by the fact that in the movie we do see four children disappear before Charlie is selected to take the reins.

He also shows many of the traits of a psychopath – his lack of empathy for the children and their parents and his reclusive nature certainly don’t do his case any favours.

But how would Charlie know what to do? Well he is the perfect choice to replace Wonka, he has struggled against the world all his life and through out the film is shown that the world’s wrongs, especially greed can be put right in the factory, without any eyebrow’s being raised. This is easily one of the more sinister film theories, but worryingly so it actually makes a bit more sense than some of the others.