Season two of Amazon Prime Video’s fantastic show Red Oaks hits the streaming service tomorrow November 11th and we got to chat with one of the stars of the show Craig Roberts.

Roberts appears in season 2 alongside Alexandra Socha, Ennis Esmer, Oliver Cooper, Jennifer Grey, Richard Kind, Paul Reiser and Alexandra Turshen in the show set in 1986s. The 80s really seems to be a decade of choice for so many shows at the moment with the likes of Stranger Things and a couple of recent episodes of Black Mirror all set in the era. We’re obviously far enough away from the era now that films like Super 8 (OK, it was set in 1979 but close enough!) and Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some! have all started to take us back to an era which doesn’t actually feel so long ago….. (I think i must be getting old!)

Because of the 80’s theme, part of our interview with Craig was taken up with an 80’s quiz which we’d thought he’d excel in, alas we were wrong and he didn’t fair too well but was a huge sport throughout. Once we asked him where the quote ‘Hey you guys’ was from and he didn’t know, we knew we might be in for a tough ride!

Red Oaks is created by Gregory Jacobs and Joe Gangemi and if you haven’t caught up with it, it’s definitely one you need to watch.

It’s summer ’86 and life hasn’t gotten any easier for the misfit staffers and clueless members of Red Oaks Country Club. David is caught in the crossfire between girlfriend Skye and her father Getty. Ex-spouses Sam and Judy brave the Jersey singles scene. Nash sets his romantic sights on a rich widow. And resident stoner Wheeler tries to break out of the “friend zone” with lifelong crush Misty.

Here’s the interview, Scott Davis was the man asking the questions.

Full Interview

80’s Movie Quiz