lost boys coreysYes, you read that right – Lost Boys 4

Despite a critical mauling it received the Lost Boys sequel subtitled The Tribe released last year did well enough to warrant a third film in the series, which you can read about here.

It seems we’re overrun with vampire franchises these days, and certainly each generation reinvents the myth and twenty years ago we had the seminal 80s flick The Lost Boys, and thanks to the lure of the nostalgia market we’ll be seeing a Lost Boys film every year from now until the end of time.

So says MovieWeb, who in their conversations with Messrs Haim and Feldman, confirmed that while Haim wont’ be joining Feldman’s Edgar Frog in LB 3 he will return to reunite the team in the fourth film, though with a difference (which keen viewers of Lost Boys 2 will know about).

This is perfect news for the first birthday of HeyUGuys as it exemplifies where the industry is in terms of walking the fine line between continuing great stories and characters from the past and the shameless ransacking of our faded memories of franchises for cash.

We love the films we grew up with and we take our name from one of our favourites, we’ll keep a keen, though cynical eye on these films.