The news that 24 is being rebooted without Jack Bauer was met with a mixed response. However, the fact that Fox are targeting Corey Hawkins as the show’s lead may just help to change some minds as the Straight Outta Compton star (he played Dr. Dre in that biopic) has apparently already signed on to play the lead character Eric Carter in 24: Legacy.

Written by 24 veterans Manny Coto and Evan Katz, and directed by Stephen Hopkins (who helmed the original 24 pilot way back in 2001), 24: Legacy revolves around a military hero’s return to the U.S. and the trouble that follows him back – compelling him to ask CTU for help in saving his life, and stopping what potentially could be one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American soil. It all sounds very 24 so far then, but will it work without Bauer?

That remains to be seen, but Carter is described as coming from a very rough background and someone who has turned his life around in the Army Rangers but now, back home in Virginia with his wife Nicole, he’s pulled back into action as his past comes looking for him.

Deadline adds the the plans is for 24: Legacy to also have a strong female lead, adding that, “There will likely be mentions of former CTU members from the original 24 series on 24: Legacy, and some of them will be featured in photos, but there are no plans for any of the 24 cast members to have an ongoing presence on the new series.” That does make sense, especially as shoehorning in familiar faces could ultimately hold back this new series.

Hawkins has also starred in The Walking Dead and will next be seen in Kong: Skull Island.