If you’re not already a fan of the Movie Crypt podcast with Adam Green and Joe Lynch then A) you should be, and B) you’ll have missed out on a fantastic chat with Sawman and writer of Kid Zombie School horror film Cooties, Leigh Whannell.

Cutting his teeth on Saw and some of its better sequels Whannell’s tale of the birth of Cooties is well worth listening to and following a stellar screening in Sundance last year (yes, it has taken that long – it featured in our Horror Films to Catch in 2014 feature) it’s almost time to enjoy this unique take on a killer virus.

The cast includes Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill and Elijah Wood, who with Open Windows, Grand Piano and Maniac has made some great horror movies of late.

The trailer for Cooties has to be seen to be believed, its Daycare of the Dead and it looks brilliant.

Trailer go!

Horror Cooties