Two words attracted me to this one – ‘Sam’ and ‘Rockwell’.

The two words which Fox Searchlight are hoping will appeal to you are ‘Academy Award’, as this new trailer for the Tony Goldwyn film Conviction puts its stellar cast front and centre.

Goldwyn has worked extensively in TV in the US and Conviction looks to be a step up from the usual ‘True Story’ fare, with Hilary Swank as a single mum who puts herself through law school in order to free her apparently wrongly convicted brother, played by Sam Rockwell.

Juliette Lewis, Peter Gallagher, Minnie Driver and Melissa Leo conspire to tell the story of Betty Anne Waters and the few hints we get from this trailer point to a very worthy film guaranteed to affirm life and tug heartstrings.

So, time to Swank up and watch the trailer, which noble Apple have in sparkly HD,