With the last decade or so producing a string of horror movie reboots, it seemed only a matter of time before Clive Barker’s iconic villain Pinhead would get his own blockbuster rebirth.  Recently the folks over at Geek Tyrant have gotten hold of some stunning concept art that could just be the beginnings of a new Hellraiser franchise.

The images themselves were created by Mike Le Han (Mrs. Peppercorn’s Reading Room), and Paul Gerrard (Battle LA, Wrath of the Titans), as part of a high concept teaser to help pitch the idea to Dimension Films (who could possibly also use their own reboot of sorts).

The teaser itself is in full post-production mode, so it’s likely going to be a few months before the public even gets a legitimate chance to weigh in on things, but hopefully this will be the start of something terrifying!
Check out the images below:

For some more technical details, check out the original GeekTyrant article here.