The Nomad Cinema are a perfect example of how to do event cinema right. Running since 2010, they are a perfect combination solid programming and excellent utilisation of the spaces they occupy. A perfect event for cinema lovers everywhere, they really pay attention to making every element of the experience enjoyable. Unlike other, more gimmicky cinema events, which attempt to capitalise on the popularity of genre movies, the carefully selected programme is put together by lovers of cinema, and lovers of the community that they are part of.

On Saturday evening in Queen’s Park, North West London, Nomad hosted a screening of Cinema Paradiso, an ode to cinema that celebrates all that is glorious about celluloid, and Nomad really let the film speak for itself. Aside from a delicate sprinkling of light bulbs that give the space a bit of Nomad magic, the set-up is simple. There are mats for people to sit on, a bar and a place to buy food, and even free Italian breadsticks. And unlike other events that are packed full of noisy, excitable punters, everyone in the audience was silent. People were simply hypnotised by the experience, and it’s largely down to the way that Nomad selects its programme, and puts emphasis on the film and the simplicity of the space. Watching such a classic film in such a wonderful setting is truly an unforgettable experience.

The programme runs until the end of October, and whilst some events, such as a screening of The Blair Witch Project have sold out, there’s still plenty more on offer (a screening of The Wicker Man in Hyde Park anyone?), allowing audiences a unique cinematic experience away from that sticky, stuffy screening room.