The Guardian is reporting on a story surrounding a new German feature film entitled Until Nothing Remains which the Church of Scientology is apparently unhappy about. The Guardian has a brief synopsis on the film:

Bis Nichts Mehr Bleibt, or Until Nothing Remains, dramatises the account of a German family torn apart by its associations with Scientology. A young married couple joins the organisation but as the wife gets sucked ever more deeply into the group, her husband, who has donated much of his money to it, decides to leave. In the process he loses contact with his young daughter who, like his wife, is being educated by Scientology instructors.

The film is made by German public TV network named ARD and the company are coming under fire from the Church who believe it is propaganda against Scientology. According to the makers of the film it is based on a true story, that of Heiner von Ronns and is a drama that attempts to reveal the truth about the organisation. There is a strong movement against Scientology and with stories coming out of the Church such as that of Lisa McPherson, people are beginning to realise that Scientology may not be entirely harmless.

It’s also not the first time that there has been controversy in Germany surrounding filmmaking and Scientology as Tom Cruise ran into trouble in 2008 when the German government tried to block filming in certain historical locations for the Bryan Singer directed Valkyrie.

Also significant in the Guardian piece is the statement by Jurg Stettler, a spokesman for Scientology in German, who says that they are planning their own film to “spread our own side of the story”. That is a film that I would be fascinated to see.

Embedded below is Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s take on Scientology from South Park for anyone who needs a reminder about some of the supposed core beliefs of Scientology.