Ever wanted to watch your favourite movie at your local cinema but never thought you’d get the chance? Well that might be about to change as Empire Cinemas have teamed up with Ourscreen to allow their customers to watch a film of their choice on the big screen.

The system works in a way similar to crowd funding:-

You suggest a film to watch, the location and the date on which you’d like the film to be played, you contact all your friends and get them to support it, and if your choice gets enough support by booking tickets, you get to watch that film. Simples!

Ourscreen have over 400 films to choose from in their system (which you can see here). If the movie you’re after isn’t in their system, you can contact them and request they add it (which we’re sure will be more possible for some than others).

The scheme is currently being trialled by Empire Cinemas in Wigan, Newcastle, Poole, Basildon, Hemel Hempstead and Catterick with the first screening already confirmed by Empire Basildon which will be showing Pandorica (click here to win merchandise from the movie) along with a Q&A with director Tom Paton on Saturday 2nd April.

We really like this idea and kudos to Empire for kicking it off. Now the big question is….. what to watch?!