If the end of the world has you picturing an Emmerichian CG whirlwind ripping through prominent landmarks (while avoiding family pets naturally) then you’re in for a bit of a shock as Lars Von Trier introduces a new planet into our orbit and watches the people beneath emotioanlly crumble until they disappear up their own ennui.

We saw a terribly interesting Visual FX breakdown yesterday and there’s a new clip out today which won’t exactly make your heart sing as much as it weigh it down into your boots, and yet what else did we expect from Von Trier and a film he called Melancholia?

What this does show is Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg discuss earthy matters and those lucky enough to find themselves under the sun at Cannes can catch this one when it debuts there, the rest of us have a few more months until the beautiful end of the world.

Collider pointed us to the clip. Thanks for that.

Here’s the clip, it’s not one to stick on loop if you know what I mean?