With the cast and crew of The Hangover 2 having made a moral stand against Mel Gibson’s planned cameo for the film, the latest piece of casting news is something of a surprise: yesterday the chaps at SlashFilm, Badass Digest and a number of other sources were reporting that Todd Philips and co were looking to secure the talents of the media’s current crazy man du jour; Mr. Charlie Sheen.

Seemingly there seems to be bad crazy and good crazy and in the eyes of the Hangover crew Gibson is the former and Sheen is the latter.
Sheen of course had a cameo in Phillips’ last film Due Date cropping up at the end of the film in the Two and a Half Men segment. Now that show has been canned as a result of Sheen’s erratic public behaviour he’s open for employment opportunities and beings as he’s worked with Phillips previously it kinda makes sense.

I have to say that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with this news and I say that as a fan of The Hangover and of some of Sheen’s previous works, I mean c’mon who doesn’t like Major League and Men at Work? There’s a strong sense that they’re looking to cash in on Sheen’s current high profile following some amusing / disturbing (depending on your perspective) talk show appearances and exploiting someone who appears to be quite troubled at present.

Other factors on why this is a bad idea is that they found a suitable replacement for Gibson previously and the film has, from what I understand, wrapped and is in post production as they prepare the film for its release in May at which point there’s no telling whether the public at large will still view Sheen with the same levels of amusement when the film is released.

However, since the news broke Ace Showbiz have reported that Phillips has come out and denied the rumour stating that it’s “100% untrue.”