Steven Soderbergh’s casting director must be working overtime. Not content with putting together a seriously impressive cast in Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor for his action/revenge/spy thriller Knockout, Soderbergh has signed up G.I. Joer Channing Tatum to roll alongside martial arts champion Gina Carano as part of a black ops team, before a double cross leads to revenge and all sorts of slick violence.

Oh, and Antonio Banderas is also in talks to appear in the film.

This is nice combination of the ensemble casting of the Ocean’s series Soderbergh and the lead (non)actor of The Girlfriend Experience Soderbergh, and if you’re in the mood to learn more about how this cast breaks down in relation to each other then head on over to The Playlist, who broke the story, to learn how they think the double and triple crossing will go down.