The day HeyUGuys met Neil Marshall we were still feeling a little bemused by his latest film Centurion.  We’d loved the action, loathed the romance and rather lost track of the narrative somewhere in the hard, cruel, Highland frost (view my review here).  There was no denying, however, that it was an overwhelming accomplishment.  Centurion is a survival thriller set in early AD Britain.  Filmed in the Scottish landscape of the original legend,  it follows the fortunes and misfortunes of the surviving soldiers of the Ninth Legion as they set off in search of their captured General and try to evade the savage attacks of a vengeful Pict tribe…

We were intrigued too, to meet the writer/director who had commanded Sean Pertwee to lose his innards to Dog Soldiers and decreed that the crawlers of The Descent would leave no woman un-eviscerated!  We found a funny, fascinating man with a twinkle of mischief and a passion for his films who, despite a packed publicity schedule, still took us aside at the end of the interview to ask whether HeyUGuys had enjoyed all the splendid ‘80s references in Doomsday!  It is our absolute pleasure to present Neil Marshall:

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