To celebrate the release of Castle Falls, the new action film which is now available on digital download, we spoke to its incredible stars and director to find out more.

Adkins, someone we always love chatting to, tells us of the challenges of the film – both during production and in the real world with the pandemic -, the lure of his character and the devastation of seeing your dreams die, working with Lundgren both in-front of and behind the camera and his catalogue of work thus far, including those crazy Deadpool “laser eyes” reshoots on X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the upcoming John Wick 4.

Next, we chat to Lundgren about returning to directing after a hiatus, why this film was the one to lure him back, his insistence on the action being as realistic as the story behind it and working with Adkins again.

We also – of course – spoke about two of our favourites from his back catalogue; Rocky IV and the new Drago Cut; and  1987’s Masters of the Universe, and how despite its initial failures, has become something of a classic with audiences through the generations since and why it holds such a special place in people’s hearts. Also, how he managed to navigate using that gigantic sword.

You can watch our full extended interviews below:

Castle Falls is out now on Digital Download, and on DVD/Blu-ray from January 10th.