Netflix might be churning out more shows than a cash-strapped 90s boyband on a reunion tour, but there’s plenty of quality in the quantity, as evidenced by this week’s brand new sci-fi drama, The Innocents.

It’s a coming-of-age, road trip mystery/ drama, centring on a pair of young runaways – Harry and June – who whisk themselves out of Yorkshire and toward London, for June’s father is trying to isolate his daughter from the world for hitherto hidden reasons.

It’s not long after the pair hit the road that they realise they’re being chased by more than just an angry, over-bearing dad. And June is about to understand why her father was such a worrier in the first place…

We were given the chance to meet the show writers Hania Elkington and Simon Duric to discuss the genesis of the show and how a coming-of-age drama got wrapped up in a science fiction story.

They were accompanied on the press tour by lead cast members , along with Guy Pearce, whose mysterious doctor may well hold the secret to what’s happening to June.

All eight episodes of The Innocents are available now on Netflix.

During the interview Guy Pearce also recollected his fond memories of Ramsey Street when he played Mike Young in Neighbours back in the 1980s.