Since when did Halle Berry become the recipient of so many botched plastic surgery ops? She now bears more of a resemblance to veteran stand-up comic Joan Rivers than she does to the beauty which made her name in such classic as Catwoman, X-Men: The Last Stand and Gothika.

Actually, you can all relax. It’s only prosthetics for her part in a new film directed by Peter Farrelly (where’s Bobby!?!) called Truth or Dare.

The images below cropped up in The Mail a couple of days ago, and also feature the actress fashioning a frighteningly enormous pair of false boobs too.

It looks like one half of the Farrelly brothers doesn’t intend to stray too far from the winning formula the two have created over the years and yes, that is our very own Stephen Merchant pictured with Berry – he features in the film alongside The Hangover star Ken Jeong.