Shaun-the-sheep-movie-posterWhile the Promenade de la Croisette is bustling with critics and filmmakers soaking up the sun there is an abundance of future films being shopped around, and some of the promotional artwork is on show for all to see.

Our man Craig Skinner has just sent these images from the merry-go-round of marketing and there are some first look images at some well-known (and some more obscure) movie projects we’ve got to look forward to.

The Expendables 3 poster is minimalist to say the least but perhaps the tagline refers to what plot director Patrick Hughes has to work with in the latest round of Guns and Ammo: The Movie.

Elsewhere there are appearances from Arnie, Clive Owen has two new projects showing a bit of ankle here, The Last Knights with Morgan Freeman and a new project called Survivors in which he co-stars with Katherine Heigl.

Also there’s a new poster for [REC]4, the first look at the long awaited Sharknado (starring Tara Reid of course) and many more from one of our favourite movie houses, The Asylum.

Here’s the gallery which begs the question, who is ‘The Boy’ in The Expendables 3? Suggestions in the comments please!

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