Gemma-Arterton-in-ByzantiumWe’ve been waiting a long, long time for Neil Jordan’s tale of bloodlust and beaches and today we have a new trailer to share with you while we wait for the 31st of May to roll around.

Jordan is no stranger to the supernatural, keeping company with wolves and interviewing a vampire or two in his time but Moira Buffini’s own adaptation of her play should ensure there’s a decent story to told here. The reviews from the festival run were mainly positive and this trailer may stroll into familiar territory but there should something special with the casting Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan as the grim sisters.

Get ready to experience a synopsis,

Eleanor and Clara, two mysterious and penniless young women, flee the scene of a violent crime and arrive in a run-down coastal resort. They try to find money and refuge along the tawdry seafront and in the dilapidated hotels.Clara, ever-practical, sells her body. She soon meets shy and lonely Noel, who provides a roof over their heads in his seedy guesthouse, Byzantium.

The Yahoos wasted no time getting this to the people of the world.