On Friday 29th October the John Landis directed Ealing dramedy Burke & Hare has its UK release.  You may read our review of the film here.  The slightly true story of Edinburgh’s most notorious killers has, in this case, been retold as a comedy of errors with a pair of romantic leads engaging in wrongness of the mass murdering kind.  A wrong com if you will!  The leading men in question are Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg. Though we were not entirely mad about the film we are mad about the boys and were excited to have a chance to sit down with them.  They did not disappoint.

Our allotted time with Andy and Simon was cut frustratingly short and we lost the opportunity to get Simon’s scoop on Star Trek and Paul and to ask Andy how he is preparing to make the transition from Rise of the Apes to reprising Gollum. (Keep it HeyUGuys for news on all four projects as it breaks!)  But, overenthusiastic stopwatches aside, the talented pair kept us most entertained.  They were refreshingly informed and considerate about the true lives Burke and Hare had led and spoke with candour about the forces that drove them.  Nerd Do Well author Simon Pegg is an enthusiastic social networker and he also shared with us the way Twitter has altered his relationship with fans.  Andy Serkis has yet to tweet but seemed intrigued at the prospect of dipping his toe in the “twattering” waters.

They were also hilariously frank about a rather unusual bedroom scene.  I think we’ll leave it to Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis to tell you that story themselves…

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