There’s a lot going on down in Cannes, our man on the ground Simon Gallagher is doing us proud (you can follow all of his coverage here) and keeping up with the whispers is quite a challenge but there’s good things to be found all over the place, including our first look at the poster for John Landis’s forthcoming body snatcher comedy Burke and Hare.

Snapped by /Film while doing the rounds this poster has a hint of the Carry On Ressurecting about it, but the team of Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis as the titular grave robbers is too good to pass up. There’s something of the Sherlock Holmes about this poster, but there’s bond to be a world of difference between the two films.

Keen to draw in the eyes of the male audience there’s an awkwardly Photoshopped-in Isla Fisher but the tag line is funny and I’m certainly hoping this will be a return to form for Landis.

Here’s the poster, looking forward to seeing a trailer before long.