French production Untouchable is one of the best films this side of the millennium, and has since been subject to a Hollywood remake (now known as The Upside) – hitting the festival circuit this Autumn. Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart are on board – and naturally, with the latter involved, one would assume that it’s a more comedically inclined endeavour. Yet when we spoke to Cranston in London last week to promote the home entertainment release of Wakefield, he said we were wrong to assume.

“It’s a move he [Kevin Hart] wanted to make and needed to make in his career, to say ‘I’m more than just a comedian’ and he truly is, he’s very grounded and it’s going to be a really lovely film”.

The interview was to coincide with the release of Wakefield – which we saw in Toronto last year and loved (you can read our review here) – of a man who suffers a nervous breakdown, and moves in to his attic, without telling his wife or kids. Cranston discussed with us how relatable the lead role is, and given the character watches his family continue to get by by peering through a window, the Breaking Bad star also explains the importance of observation as an actor, and how it’s a much harder task to observe people when a celebrity.

Finally, we asked for his desert island discs – well, attic living discs, and what he’d take with him if he too were to go and live next door for a few months…

Watch the full interview below…

Wakefield is available to own now on DVD – but be sure to enter in to our competition here to have a chance of picking up a free copy now. 

  • Clare Munden

    Love Bryan, can’t wait to see this