MTV got to interview Bruce Willis on his new movie ‘Cop Out’ which, as well as Willis stars Tracy Morgan and Kevin Pollak. During the interview, they brought up the topic of a fifth Die Hard movie.

Willis said:  “I think we’re going to do a ‘Die Hard 5’ next year”. When asked if he’d bring Len Wiseman back to direct, Willis stated “I would hire Len Wiseman right now” and on the storyline he said “It’s got to go worldwide. That would be my contribution to it,”. So it sounds pretty certain that a 5th movie is on the horizon.

Moving on they then discussed Unbreakable 2 where Willis said that if Samuel L. Jackson was up for a sequel, he would be too and went onto say:

“I talked to [M Night. Shyamalan – director] over the holidays, and he is still thinking about doing the fight movie between me and Sam that we were gonna do,” he said. “We chose to do the origin.”

Good news on a 5th Die Hard and a second Unbreakable? Let us know what you think in the comments below. I think I’m in two minds.

Check out the Die Hard section of the interview below.