Bruce CampbellWe all know how cool Bruce Campbell is. He has a reputation that goes far beyond the massive cult following he seems to have. Though that I am not that familiar with too many classic horror films I know what scares me and I knew the second I saw the new Evil Dead movie trailer I would never EVER see this thing. It looks insane and I am not huge on giving myself nightmares voluntarily.

 I was most interested in asking him about the new film itself, especially in regards to where he thought the film fits into the stable of modern horror films. He is quick to mention pretty much anywhere lately that he’s not particularly a fan of found footage or torture porn style films. He wanted to make sure the film felt “old school” scary and stated they specifically went out of their way to use the special effects, both digital and practical, in a manner that made it seem like they had no special effects budget at all.  I get the feeling they nailed that aspect from the footage. Maybe no visible garden hose this time around but it seems pretty effective in that sense.
I was also curious about where he, and the character of Ash, fit into this universe and what lead to the decision to not be on-screen this time around.  He is clearly not done playing the character as he mentions that it’s likely he’ll return if Raimi’s “Army of Darkness” sequel gets green-lit. He adores the character and fans love him so if it happens, it seems like a win-win for everyone.
Check out the interview below for more including his thoughts regarding his current cast and much more.