Continuing our coverage of one of this weekend’s biggest and most critically-acclaimed films, The Florida Project, we sat down with two of the breakout stars of the film, Brooklynn Prince and Valeria Cotto whose lives have been changed forever.

In the film, the duo play Moonee and Jancey, two friends living in a motel close to Disney Land as they go on some crazy adventures in and around the surrounding areas. Both girls give phenomenal performances in the film but say that nothing in the film would have been possible without co-writer and director Sean Baker, who they say deserves all the credit.

“First of all I’m really happy for Sean because he deserves this and he’s been traveling for this movie and I think he deserves this much support and helps as he can get as has worked hard, he hasn’t stopped doing these film festivals and he probably had to drink coffee a lot!”

Prince said. Cotto added:

“I’m so glad people love the movie all across the world but Sean has been working so hard all through the movie. Like Brooklynn said he probably hasn’t been to sleep for more than an hour!”

During the film, the whole cast became life-long friends and have continued to see each other now filming was over and Prince said that even know the film may have changed their lives, the friendships will probably last forever:

“Just hanging out with everyone – Bria, Willem – because they were really really fun and we all got to make friends with them and got closer and closer.”

In the film, Moonee and Jancey get up to all sorts of mischief during the summer months and one thing they love to do is scoff as much ice-cream as they can – if they can get some pennies together to get some. When we asked them about their favourite flavours, there were many favourites, with Cotto saying:

“Strawberry, mint chop chip, Mango, Rainbow!”

Prince added:

“Cookie dough, cinnamon buns, mint-choc, vanilla, chocolate. And Superman!”

We don’t know what Superman ice-cream is, but we are certainly going to find out. The full interview is available to view below:

The Florida Project opens in UK cinemas on November 10th.