Gotham has been a hit for American network Fox (the series is shown on Channel 5 here in the UK), and with a well publicised deal with Netflix which will see them exclusively debut the first season later this year, it should come as no real surprise to learn that the Batman prequel has been officially renewed for season two.

Gotham takes place directly after the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents, and chronicles his transformation into Batman. However, it mainly focuses on a young Detective Jim Gordon, one of Gotham City’s only honest cops, and a man we all know will one day become Commissioner and work alongside the Caped Crusader.

It’s not the only series to get a renewal however, as popular comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine will also be back for a third season. Set in the fictional 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn, it follows a team of detectives and their newly appointed captain as they solve a variety of cases.

The show is a lot of fun, and is made up of a great cast which includes Andy Samberg and Terry Crews.

New series Empire (a family drama which focuses on a dysfunction family and their control of a powerful music company called Empire Entertainment) was also given an early renewal, while Bones is expected to continue once deals are finalised with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz over the coming months.