12 part event series 24: Live Another Day was a return to form for the popular drama which had been missing from TV for four years, but it again failed to bring Jack Bauer’s story to a satisfying resolution, leaving the door open for another season or even that long rumoured movie (which, yes, might still happen).

At Fox’s panel at the Television Critics Association Press Tour today, it was revealed that another 24 limited series may be on the way, this time focusing on supporting characters rather than the rogue Jack Bauer.

While no plans are currently set in stone for such a spinoff, a pitch has been made by 24 bosses Howard Gordon, Evan Katz and Manny Coto, with a tentatively targeted release date of 2016. Though they would continue to have Bauer remain the centrepiece of the series in the long haul, this season of 24 would highlight some of the supporting players in the world, an idea that Kiefer Sutherland is supportive of.

Perhaps then it would focus on Yvonne Strahovski’s Kate Morgan (a character introduced in 24: Live Another Day who fans quickly embraced) searching for the now captive Jack Bauer in Russia? A Blu-ray extra teased the return of Tony Almeida, so throw him into the mix and this could prove to be very interesting indeed!

In other TV news, Fox are also considering bringing back The X-Files! The original series ran for nine years and a total of 202 episodes, as well as two movies. Rather than rebooting the beloved franchise, the network are hoping to bring back Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, but it sounds like it’s still early days for this one…

The line came from Fox Television Group CEO Gary Newman who confirmed that talks had taken place,

‘We’ve had some conversations on X-Files and we’re hopeful that we’ll bring that back,’

Following the news that Chris Carter’s latest series, the much touted post-apocalyptic drama The After, was cancelled by Amazon it seems that the talks to bring back Mulder and Scully have gained momentum. The creator and two leads are expected to return.

The rumours have been circling like confused sharks for a while, our take on the proposed reboot is here, and it is likely that if a reboot were to happen it would follow the Peaks route. a 10-episode epilogue to the X-Files series with all manner of loose ends tied up would erase the disappointment of the series finale and the second feature film.