We’ve seen quite a few posters from Dave Williams now and personally, I think this latest one for TV show, Homeland is among his best work. I put up the trailer for Season 2 of the hit show earlier today and soon after, Dave sent over the shots of his latest poster which was designed based around season 1.

It shows Nicholas Brody played by Damien Lewis front and centre using his hair colour as the main background colour of the poster bring him out in front. Dave states the following with the poster for what he tried to achieve with it. It contains a mild spoiler:

Its a bit different from my usual style but I aimed to show the ongoing split personality of Sgt. Brody through the design.

At the moment its unavailable to purchase but you can keep track of all his work on his blog or click here to see posters that we’ve covered previously. As you’ll see, he’s a very talented chap!

If you’ve never seen Homeland before, it’s a must watch show and is on Channel 4 on Sunday nights at 9pm. Click the poster below to enlarge.