If you are a gamer, or have children who play games, you must have at some point played/seen some of the LEGO games that have adorned various systems. From Harry Potter to Indiana Jones To Batman. Most of the iconic Hollywood stars have been Given that special LEGO treatment.

Batman returns for the latest game, but he brings some friends with him in the shape of Superman, Wonderwoman and the Flash. The biggest departure for the series though, is that it’s going open world. That’s right, Travellers Tales have constructed Gotham City for you to explore and collect those pesky pellets.

The game looks brilliant filled with all the humour that the LEGO games are famous for. But, I think this is a first for the series, the characters actually talk. Check the trailer out below, along with some character renders.

My only question is, why wasn’t DC Universe online like this?

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh3SqjFCscs’]