Universal’s venture into the world of monsters may have gotten off to a bumpy start with The Mummy but that isn’t holding them back expanding on the Monster Universe we’ve all been promised. Next up on the schedule is a spin of the classic Bride of Frankenstein which is due to start filming in London in February 2018.

In a recent interview with Collider, director Bill Condon opened up about taking the helm on the new monster movie. First of all, he gave a little insight into what we can expect to see from the Bride which was first made famous in director James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein.

“What I love about David Koepp’s script is he turns everything on its head. This is Eve before Adam, the bride comes first. So in its own way — you know, we all know the Bride only exists for 10 minutes in the Whale movie; she’s there and the movie’s over. So I keep thinking [it’s], in a way, at least a tribute to what Whale might have done if he’d made a third Frankenstein movie and he’d done it in the 21st Century.

“I think there are just things about the sensibility of that movie. Also his genius in solving that basic problem you still see when people approach monster movies now, which is you’ve got to create a monster that you’re afraid of, that you’re terrified of, but you can still identify with, and that line was never walked better than by James Whale.”

Bride of Frankenstein

Condon went on to explain how the project came his way with the hope he would be able to explore the theme as the original movie is so close to his heart.

“It’s very rare and I’ve been so lucky, I’ve got to say, between this and Beauty and the Beast, the kind of movies that are being made at studios, you just kind of grow resigned to the fact that that’s not things that you’re going to connect to. But they were both things I heard about, and Bride was something I hear about a year and a half ago maybe and was always hoping that if it became real that I could at least take a look at it and talk about it because I’ve thought about it [over] the years. Luckily then they decided that they were going to go ahead and they approached me, so it was one of those things where exactly what you were hoping would happen, did happen.”

Although we expect this project to be connected to Universal’s Dark Universe, Condon has stated there absolutely no links between his film and the universe.

“I will tell you this — what I’m doing is 100% making a really good monster movie. It has nothing to do with anything else. Nothing. Zero.”

Although there have been rumours have been floating around concerning Angelina Jolie playing the title role and Javier Bardem also in talks for the role of Frankenstein, Condon confirmed that they’re still in the casting process, with an announcement to be made soon.

Bride of Frankenstein is scheduled to arrive in cinemas on February 14, 2019.