It’s the sixty-fifth birthday of one of the greatest fictional characters ever to grace our television screens, yes – the character of Walter White is ready for retirement but before he puts his feet up there’s time for a little fun.

To wish Walter White well, and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the unsurpassed Breaking Bad, Sony Picture Home Entertainment have commissioned this stellar piece of artwork containing over a dozen references to Vince Gilligan’s show.

There are fifteen Breaking Bad Easter Eggs in the image below, from the obvious to the obscure, only true fans of the Double B will get them all! Take a look below…

Breaking Bad Picture Quiz – Walter White Turns 65!

Walter White's birthday


We’ve spotted most of them, but there are a couple still outstanding. We’re promised to have the full list emailed over to us by 6pm today, so you’ve got until then to seek out all the hidden nods.

The answers will be here:

UPDATE: OK 6pm has rolled around – here are the answers in white text – so highlight the text to reveal the answers. There are, obviously, spoilers here for the show.

  1. Lily of the Valley used to poison Brock.
  2. Gas mask used to cook meth.
  3. Broken yellow plate with missing piece.
  4. Bike lock he kills Crazy 8 with.
  5. Bleach bottle, used to get rid of the body.
  6. “I am the one who knocks” sign.
  7. Heisenberg hat and glasses.
  8. Meth lab on top of the cake.
  9. “Let’s cook” banner.
  10. Pink bear from the plane crash.
  11. Jane’s cigarettes.
  12. Fried chicken bucket.
  13. Fake confession tape.
  14. Golden moth logo.
  15. Box cutter from the prison murder.

We’ve written about the work of Messrs. Cranston, Paul and Gilligan and their wonderful team of fellow actors, directors, writers, cinematographers, productions designers (see where we’re going with this? Basically everything and everyone was working at the top of their game here…) many times on HeyUGuys. We’ve spoken to the cast and creators and have never once considered that it was already a decade and a half since the show began airing across the world. It’s not too hard to imagine that in another 15 years the show will be as influential and enjoyable as it was when it aired, and as it is today.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching the beautiful spiral of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman then now is the time to catch up. The whole series is easily available on digital right now and each episode is a masterclass in all arenas. We’ve recently rewatched the whole show and you notice and appreciate new things every time. The hype is real.

So, Happy Birthday Walter White. And here’s to… well, we hope to see you again soon.

The full series of BREAKING BAD is available to buy from your favourite Digital retailers.

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